How Trees Grow

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This is interesting. Spend a few minutes with Ron Herman, of Popular Woodworking, looking at growth rings, pith, and medullary rays to understand a bit about how trees grow. It gives one a better appreciation for the timber used in any wood furniture. ~ Peter

“Manly” Endgrain Cutting Boards

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With hunting season upon us, spent cartridges and shotgun shells gave us inspiration for an extra decoration on endgrain cutting boards.  They will look good for “man caves” or at the BBQ.  They would make great Christmas presents. At the moment, we can make them using the following: .223 (5.56) .308 Win (7.62) 9mm .38 .357 30.06 .300 Win mag …

How Wood Is Cut and Measured

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Our clients frequently ask about the grain patterns (figures) in wood.  The pic below explains how a log is milled: For a light-hearted explanation, Stumpy Nubs, a woodworker, explains what a “Board Foot” measurement is. Then there is grading of the wood itself: #1, #2, #3, etc.  #1 is knot-free.  #2 has a few knots.  #3 has more knots, and so …

How To Care For Your Endgrain Cutting Board

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This is a copy of the text we enclose with each cutting board: Care & Use of Cutting Board This is an end grain design whereas the endgrain is exposed throughout the whole board as opposed to the typical long grain boards that are commonly available everywhere.  Supposedly, the end grain allows knives to stay sharper longer, so say the …

Milling Timber

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During the course of the year, logs are collected from fallen trees on the property, from neighbors, and from utility companies.  In most cases, this is the result of storm damage.  As we collect them, the logs are cut into 9′ lengths and the ends are painted to reduce and splitting and from drying out too quickly. In the early …

19th Century Osage Orange Table Restoration

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Occasionally I am asked to repair or restore antiques.  Usually, I avoid restoration work since it involves an enormous amount of time and significant materials for which the client does not want to pay for nor has an appreciation for the amount of work involved, plus it is virtually impossible to guess what is involved until the process ensues. On …

Odie’s Oil and Why We Use It

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Every now and then someone comes along and invents a better mousetrap.  Well, James, the inventor of Odie’s did just that.  The products he invented and offers for sale is second to none, in fact, they are superior to any commercially available products anywhere.  James is himself a woodworker and is thus familiar with all the products claiming to be …

Why Reclaimed Wood?

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Why not?  Old wood has a patina and character that new wood cannot provide.  Only age, use, weather, climate, and temperature can condition wood to a unique look. Any woodworker loves new wood but old wood has a special character all its own. In truth, it’s much more difficult to work.  Usually, it is an odd dimension, has splits and …