End Grain Cutting Boards

Most commercially available cutting boards are long-grain.

Those that we produce are END-GRAIN, whereas the end of the wood faces vertical exactly like a butcher’s chopping block which provides exceptional durability. Clients tell us their knives stay sharp longer.

These END GRAIN cutting boards are much different than typical cutting boards commercially available and they provide an exceptionally interesting pattern to compliment any kitchen.

Typically, our cutting boards measure 12″ wide x 20 -24″ long x 1-1/2″ thick and weigh about 10 pounds.

The one on the right is Walnut and Cherry.

Our boards are constructed using waterproof food safe glue (TiteBond III).

After finishing and sanding the boards are immersed for 96 hours in food-safe oil resulting in a thru and thru oiling. It is permanent.

Occasionally, only minor touch-up is required, depending on usage and detergent. The touch-up process takes mere minutes and is accomplished using mineral oil available most anywhere.

All boards come with 4 rubber feet.

Boards are pretty much random pattern.

More often than not, we can’t tell what they will look like until they are finished and oiled when the grain pops.

It’s always a surprise.

The possibilities and combinations are endless.

Larger sizes are available on request.

We can make them any size you desire.

Typically the boards have radius corners and 1/4″ rounded edges.

We can make them to any specifications.

The largest one we have made was a whopping 24″ x 36″ and weighed in at 37 pounds.

Cutting boards like these will last a lifetime, and they make great gifts for the “foodies” in your life.

The board below is solid end-grain walnut with holly inlay.

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