How Wood Is Cut and Measured

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Our clients frequently ask about the grain patterns (figures) in wood.  The pic below explains how a log is milled:

For a light-hearted explanation, Stumpy Nubs, a woodworker, explains what a “Board Foot” measurement is.

Then there is grading of the wood itself: #1, #2, #3, etc.  #1 is knot-free.  #2 has a few knots.  #3 has more knots, and so on.

There is much more to discuss on this topic.

~ Peter

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  1. Thanks for posting this Peter. This information is very informative and provides clarity in the different grades of wood and associated grain patterns. As an amateur woodworker this information has given me new insight and appreciation for my next trip to the timber store.

    Which grain pattern do you recommend for a tabletop?

    1. Post

      My pleasure Charles. Knowledge is power.

      For table tops, quarter sawn or rift sawn is my favorite. The grain pattern is awesome. However, for large boards that’s impossible. In that case, I recommend getting matched grain boards no matter the graining.

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