Odie’s Oil and Why We Use It

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Every now and then someone comes along and invents a better mousetrap.  Well, James, the inventor of Odie’s did just that.  The products he invented and offers for sale is second to none, in fact, they are superior to any commercially available products anywhere.  James is himself a woodworker and is thus familiar with all the products claiming to be the best only to be disappointed later.  For the record, this stuff is the BEST, bar none.  Period.

Odie’s was developed for flooring.  Imagine the abuse a floor gets, now imagine how well it will protect your precious furniture!

It can’t be stated enough… most commercial finishes are 90% thinner and 10% product.  James’ stuff is 99% product and just enough thinner to make it possible to apply.  Seriously.

Caution: don’t snooze putting any of the products on thinking you’ll buff it off much later.  You will fight it and cuss the whole time.  The finishes ARE that tough and superior to any we have experienced in our lifetimes.  We use it on everything.  The bonus is that none of his products require protective gloves, and is food grade safe, PLUS all the products have a wonderful citrus odor which leaves the shop absolutely pleasant to occupy.

For some time, we at Westphalia Wood Works have used nothing other than Odie’s Finishes.  The results are spectacular and the finishes allow the wood to come through without that “plastic look”.  To that end, we won’t be using other finishes unless it is explicitly required (after a polite argument) by a client.

Below are five videos by James describing his products:







I’ve had a number of great conversation with James over the telephone, and he’s great guy with a passion for woodworking and for producing first-class products.

Lastly, we get no compensation or considerations from Odie’s and we offer this information freely ONLY because the products are that good.  We use all the finishes and waxes exclusively, achieving spectacular results that our clients rave about.

For more information or to purchase Odie’s products click HERE.

~ Peter

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  1. Thanks for posting these videos and your endorsement. These products look to be just what I have been looking for. Plus they are safe to use.

    Do they work on existing furniture? If they do, I have lots of work ahead of me.

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      My pleasure. Yes, they will work on existing finishes. It’s best to remove the existing wax and oils from hands with mineral spirits, or Odie’s solvent then followed up with 0000 steel wool or a grey finishing pad (3M makes them), then apply Odie’s Oil. For larger surfaces use an electric 6″ car buffer. They are cheap ($15) and will save a lot of elbow grease. Be careful, you only need a tiny bit of this stuff as it goes a very long way. One 4 ounce jar of Odie’s is equivalent to 1-1/2 gallon of poly. In other words, you’ll get about 300-400 square feet coverage over an existing finish.

      Follow up with Odie’s wax for ultimate protection after 2 days. Again, a very little goes a very long way. A 4-ounce jar of Odie’s wax will cover 1,000 square feet. I’m not kidding.

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      You’re welcome. As you can see, they are home-made videos by a man who knows his product, not some slick infomercial. You will be impressed with the results.

      Caution: don’t snooze buffing this stuff off. It’s much easier to reapply than attempt to buff it off once it hardens. The products are that good.

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