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Seriously… a NASA Rocket Scientist from Colorado commissioned us to design and craft a Cherry Coffee table.  Our client is one of the geniuses that put not one BUT two Rovers on Mars.  Think about that for a moment.  One was the size of a microwave oven and the second one was larger than a full-sized pick-up truck. How cool is that?  That’s like hitting a bullet with a bullet.

Anyway, I digress…

We were given free reign as to what the finished table would look like.  The only client requirements were that the table is stout, about 48″ square, with 4 stout legs and a lower shelf, and a touch of rustic flavor.  That was it.

Here’s what we started with, rough slabs of Black Cherry:

Stacked in the shop acclimating to conditioned space:

All the pieces were planed flat and cut square, then joined and planed again.

The top and bottom slabs:

Poop… the top looks boring.  Decisions… decisions…

Tada!  Curved sides!  A subtle 1″ arch was cut on four sides of the top, then radius corners, then 1/4″ rounded edges.

Four 3-1/4″ square legs with mortise and tenon stretchers.

The finish was Odie’s Oil and Odie’s Wax, our go-to finish.  All surfaces, of course.

The table weighs about 200 pounds and will last forever.

~ Peter

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  1. This table is stunning. Built like a rock too. I don’t doubt that it will last forever. Well done. Thank you for sharing your artistry. The rest of your website is fabulous. Your creations are first class. I wish I had a fraction of the skill set that you possess. I can see why your clients give you free rein to be artists. I learned long ago that it is best to let the masters of their craft follow natural flow, especially with natural materials such as wood.

    Kudos to your Rocket Scientist client for doing the virtually impossible. That is amazing.

    Best regards from the concrete jungle of NYC.

    1. Post

      Thanks for your kind words Michael.

      It is amazing. What’s mind-blowing is the second Rover was within 10 meters of the predetermined target. It was 18 months from launch to landing. That was beyond cool!

  2. Amazing workmanship. It is wonderful to see there are still genuine craftsmen in the USA. We are all conditioned to the cheap junk foisted on us by domestic retailers who buy from overseas. Plus your work is one of a kind. True artistry. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to your client for doing the impossible.

    1. Post

      I am humbled by your comment Josh. Thank you. Yes, there is a lot of junk out there which ultimately clogs our landfills but the cheap stuff has utility. Our creations are generally for those that are better heeled as you might imagine.

      Yes, he did do the virtually impossible. Of course, he is part of a team but nonetheless amazing work.

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