Below are a few words from our clients:

• Wow!” – Dawn

• “Your craftsmanship is stunning. Thank you so much.” – Carol

• “The farm table you built for us is amazing. It is solid, massive, and incredibly well built. It is refreshing to see masterful talent is not a relic.” – James & Linda

• “I am beyond words” – Beth

• “Thanksgiving was especially wonderful when our family was celebrating around the magnificent farmhouse table you crafted for us, it will last for many generations. Thank you sirs.” – Charles & Ann
“PS. even my mother-in-law loved it and she never has anything nice to say about anything. Ha ha.”

• “The farmhouse table that you built for us is the worktable in our house for everything. I never appreciated solid wood furniture until now. I just love the tone and color of old wood.” – Margaret

• “It is sure is nice to have an heirloom table built by hand as opposed to the junk offered in retail stores that fall apart in several years. We will never need to purchase another table since this one will last forever. Our kids are already asking who will inherit it. LOL” – Jeannette

• “Thank you, thank you, thank you for such awesome workmanship. My hubby and I thought real craftsmanship was long gone. We have several more pieces in mind” – Deborah and Jon

• “Every visitor to our home immediately asks where did you get that table, it’s gorgeous. I just love having that big slab of walnut in my great room, it is magnificent” – Maryann

• “The sliding barn door in our home is wall furniture. We love it.” – Karen

• “I had my reservations about spending so much money and giving you free rein with the design but with only a few sketches provided by us but our anxiety was quickly erased with your regular reports… and WOW… when we opened the crate with our new treasure we’d like to pass out with happiness. The Live Edge dining room table is a masterpiece… and it looks fabulous with grandma’s 19th century Chippendale chairs. Thank you so much.” – Lynn & Gary

• “The conference table you designed and built for our firm is beyond my ability to describe correctly. My partners and I are in awe. Everyone here keeps rubbing their hands on it. Of course it will never wear out. Thank you for you efforts.” – Richard

• “You guys are amazing. I just love having a one of a kind heirloom in my home. – Joan

• “We can’t thank you enough for the cutting board that you made for us. We use it everyday and will treasure it always” – Mary Kay & Tom

• “They are just awesome. My tenant came up to bring me dinner yesterday because I torqued my knee getting around the snow drifts from the weekend blizzard. I thought her eyes would pop out of her head when she saw the cutting boards. She said she saw cutting boards not as nice as these go for $400 because they had some famous chef’s name on them. My sister is going to flip when I give one to her for her birthday. Problem is I can’t decide which one. ” – Rose Ann